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Schöne Radwanderwege

If you liked to spend your vacation at the Baltic Sea, the question about the activities arises naturally. What would I like to regard of the Baltic Sea coast, what actively experiencing? The Baltic Sea pension bath Doberan is to be discovered ideally as starting point for wheel migrations around the Baltic Sea coast actively. By wheel active vacation one experiences the width of the beautiful Baltic Sea landscape more intensively - more sees and does at the same time something for its health as well as the environment. Besides the stress with the parking lot search and the park fees are void.If you can not take your own bikes, we recommend the nearest of the Baltic-Pension An der linden alley bicycle rental stations of Baltic Bike and Margot Damrau in Rethwisch with pickup and delivery service. The rental prices range from around 6.00 EUR - 12,00 EUR / day, depending on the size and type of bike. Now it may however loose-go with the route proposals of the Baltic Sea pension at the lime tree avenue:

Baltic Sea cycle track - route proposal 1:

Bath Doberan - Heiligendamm - Baltic Sea bath Kühlungsborn  - Tourist Online (approx. 12 km for each direction) Of the Baltic Sea pension one arrives without effort along the lime tree avenue and mol-cunning-strains - past at the Baltic Sea course - to the Baltic Sea after Heiligendamm, to the white city at the Baltic sea. From there one can on the quite wind-protected Baltic Sea coastal cycle track into the largest German Baltic Sea bath cooling fount cycle. Into Heiligendamm thereby a section of the way goes through the sanctifying bunting ghost forest with direct view on the Baltic Sea. It continues to go then along the Cliff, where the steam-claimant narrow-gauge railway Molli also drives past with the summer critical point of the same name. Arrived at cooling fount, a walk is worthwhile itself naturally of the Marina on the long sea-promenade, which connects the local parts Brunshaupten and/or Fulgen (cooling fount east) and Arendsee (Kühlungsborn-West). There a fresh Baltic Sea breeze mostly blows. The Baltic Sea bath cooling fount offers naturally also otherwise much alternating with its numerous restaurants, bar, of cafes, & Boutiken. Whom for the way back the feet/Calves became already hard or after a refreshing Cyclist etc. a certain desire on idle course entered, also assistance „of the Molli “and its luggage trolley (bicycle) can begin the way back with the bicycle.
  Blick auf den Radwanderweg von Bad Doberan nach Heiligendamm    
  Radwander an der Ostsee   bei Nienhagen im Gespensterwald  
  Marina Kühlungsborn    


Baltic Sea cycle track - route proposal 2:

Bath Doberan - holy dam - Baltic Sea bath Nienhagen - Baltic Sea bath warn-flows (approx. 16 km for each direction) To the other side one knows the Baltic Sea bath Nienhagen by „the ghost forest “and far up to the trip restaurant Wilhelm height well of the Baltic Sea pension along the Baltic Sea coast over the Baltic Sea cycle track by Heiligendamm, over Börgerende, cycle. There a brake presents itself. It continues to go then through the walking way in the coastal forest to the popular Baltic Sea bath warn-flows. Into arrives one warn-flows over the beautiful promenade directly up to „the Teepott “and lighthouse. The broad sand beach loads to staying, suns and bathing in the Baltic Sea in. Besides naturally an exit is worth on the mole in the port entrance, where the Warnow flows in the Baltic Sea. There one can observe the out and entries of the Baltic Sea ferries and large cruise ships (Aida LINE) well. Into can one warn-flows the old Fishing village atmosphere at the best one still at the old river with a fresh fish roll of the Fishing boats feel - Attention before the sea gulls, which know which taste good! Back one knows then also landinward after bath Doberan over Diedrichshagen - Elmenhorst - which Baltic Sea bath Nienhagen - Rethwisch on the cycle track along the meadows and fields to the Baltic Sea pension Bad Doberan to arrive and so the round complete.

Even the new generation is already liking to a little bike ride.

Further Baltic Sea route proposals we can submit to you gladly locally.

Inline Skaten on the Baltic Sea cycle track

Hint: Of the Baltic Sea pension Bad Doberan one can directly start direction Bad Doberan town center also with Inline Skatern and on the not too strongly driven on Baltic Sea cycle track along the lime tree avenue - past at the Baltic Sea course - after Heiligendamm by skate - or. Further possibilities for your active vacation in the Baltic Sea pension at the lime tree avenue find you on our page Baltic Sea nature vacation.
Leuchtturm an der Ostsee

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